In the future, the success of businesses will be increasingly based on innovation-based economic growth. This means that intellectual property rights will also become increasingly important for companies. The competitiveness and growth potential of small and medium-sized companies is affected by how efficiently and predictably they can defend their intellectual property rights (source: Yrityksen tekijänoikeusopas [Guide to company copyrights]).

At Ceriffi, intellectual property is part of our daily work creating quality control systems for our customers’ management, production, and products. However, very few companies still acknowledge or systematically manage the protection of their intellectual property. Over the past 40 years, the ratio of immovable and intellectual property in companies has changed so that currently around 80–90% of the value of companies is related to intellectual property. In the past, the situation was reversed.

An IPR strategy helps you manage and improve your intellectual property

We will support you in creating an IPR strategy and in managing individual daily tasks related to intellectual property.

Our network of partners ensures us the best expertise in Finland when it comes to creating IPR strategies and managing the implementation of individual tasks. Our process is fast and smooth. Your company will have access to a strategy and the most important implementation tools within a week of launching.

If your intellectual property has not been protected, anyone can copy it. This makes it easy for competitors to start manufacturing a product or service.

Intellectual property can also be sold and leased. Licence fees can become a significant source of income for a company. When a company stops producing a product, any patents that are no longer used can be sold or exchanged. You can test the buying and selling of intellectual property in the service.

Examples of industries in which we have implemented IPR strategies:

  • Construction
  • Machine manufacturing
  • ICT
  • Trade
  • Importing
  • Service

IPR strategy work typically covers the following areas:

  • Mapping the current state of IPR management
  • Identifying IP protection methods, choosing possible methods to be used, and integrating them into a revenue model
  • Creating an IPR strategy, including planning and guidance in intellectual property management and reviewing agreements with IPR in mind:
    • possible licence agreements
    • agreements made with partners
    • shareholder, employee and executive employment agreements
    • domains
    • software, source code (if relevant)
    • other technical documentation
    • customer data
    • social media
    • brand portfolio
    • intellectual property rights
    • possible patents and other means of protection

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