Ceriffi Oy was founded in 2013 by Martti Blomberg, Mikko Kettunen, and Samuli Muhonen. As experts of quality and process efficiency, they saw a lot of potential in the digitalisation of process and quality management practices. Another point of interest for them was the development and commercialisation of intellectual property management, which the founders saw as a great opportunity. Extensive experience in the business world – and more specifically, the software industry – provided a good basis for starting the company.



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Ceriffi’s theses

Digitalization: Paper works fine, but when possible, it is better to implement everything digitally, especially when it comes to monitoring and performance indicators.

Knowledge management: Without data, we are completely at sea. We want to develop methods and tools that enable data-driven management approaches for companies.

Intellectual property: About 80–90% of the value of a company is made up of intellectual property, which is often poorly managed and commercialised in small and medium-sized companies. We help companies improve the management of their intellectual property.

Expertise: There is always a demand for genuine expertise. We strive to increase and deepen our expertise together with our customers and partners.

Long-term partnership: Developing processes and quality is not just about tools and tasks but also about developing your corporate culture. We want to improve our customers’ operations sustainably. Needs can change over the years, but we aim to offer new solutions and expertise for a changing world in an innovative way.

Ceriffi’s values, mission, and vision

We at Ceriffi are experts who wish to change the current practices and perceptions of quality management. We keep our heads out of the clouds and avoid jargon. We are regular people who are easy to talk to – we are genuine people with genuine expertise. We always conduct ourselves properly and rely on our expertise without any undue stiffness. We value our customers, and the customer’s needs always come first at Ceriffi.

Ceriffi’s value: transparency, honesty, profitability, and integrity

We do not try to be anything other than who we are. We value transparency and honesty – we say it like it is to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. We create results through facts, because this is the only way to genuinely achieve productivity and growth. We always strive for the best results, as this is what our customers deserve.

Ceriffi’s mission: We help our customers improve their productivity.

Thinking and talking about quality can sometimes seem unnecessary and useless for the business. This is far from the truth – it is about striving for better productivity through better quality. We want to change the way people think about quality, as quality is an important part of producing results. Quality belongs to everyone.

Ceriffi’s vision: We make ourselves redundant with our digital solutions.

Digital solutions are part and parcel of modern business operations. They can be used to improve work efficiency and help us achieve better quality and productivity. We want to make our own digital solutions so good and efficient that we are, in effect, making ourselves redundant. However, digital solutions cannot replace everything – especially genuine expertise – which means that we at Ceriffi will be sticking with our customers for a long time to come.

Current situation

Seven years after its founding, Ceriffi Oy has helped more than 500 customers. Most of our current customers are long-term customer relationships.

Ceriffi invests in the development of the Ceriffi Check® app. The application automates data collection, makes data easy to process, and enables knowledge management.

Transparency and practicality are still important parts of expert work. We want our customers to benefit from the work we do and make knowledge management an integral part of their operations. Ceriffi’s network of experts enables us to serve our customers in many ways. We work in close collaboration with the following companies:

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