The Ceriffi Check® app is suitable for the monitoring of many different kinds of daily activities within an organisation. It can be used to collect development ideas, record workplace accidents and near misses, report deviations, estimate wasted work, and create checklists. New information can be recorded using a mobile app or a browser.

In the browser-based dashboard, you can edit indicators to be monitored, view data reports, process observations, and request additional information from responsible persons.

Benefits and features

If using the Ceriffi Check® app means your company will be able to prevent just one deviation per month or one workplace accident per year, it will pay for itself many times over. The ease of recording information using the mobile interface will also save you time. Different kinds of media files can be added to each observation to provide additional data.

The features and benefits of the Ceriffi Check® app:

  • Agile introduction and adoption for all personnel
  • Quick recording of observations (30–60 seconds)
  • Easy-to-use checklists and indicators
  • Real-time data available
  • Can be used offline, for example, on remote worksites with poor mobile network coverage
  • Clear and comprehensive reporting
  • Data collection for Lean projects
  • Excel compatibility for further data processing
  • Practical performance indicators
  • Extensive features for processing observations and the capability to transfer processing to third parties, such as subcontractors
  • Quick and easy system customisation

Download the Lean Six Sigma guide (Finnish version)

Download the easy-to-understand Lean, Six Sigma and 5S guide that supports Ceriffi Check® (Finnish version)


Knowledge management

Countless events in the everyday operation of companies and organisations never come to the attention of management. This means that deviations and errors as well as development suggestions and good practices may go unnoticed. Reporting is often neglected due to cumbersome, inaccurate recording procedures and lack of encouragement. The information gap between employees and management is often large and hinders the development of operations.

Without systematic collection and utilisation of data, it is impossible to develop the company’s daily operations. The availability of comprehensive data is also crucial for responsibility and risk management.

We are continuously developing the Ceriffi Check® app. The features of the software are based on genuine customer needs, and this is a path we intend to stick with.

All features available instantly

All the features of the Ceriffi Check® app are available in every price range. The mobile app can be installed on every employee’s phone at no additional cost. The price of the system consists of the scope of the training and the number of users in the dashboard.


Purchasing the Ceriffi Check® app includes the following steps:

  • Initial contact
  • Remote meeting to ascertain requirements
  • Offer
  • System configuration
  • Training
  • Data analysis when required

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